Why Work With Bibi and the Coaches at The Queen Makers Network

We are experts at empowering ladies to build wealth and create multiple streams of income so they don't fall into the trap of  95% of the population who at age 65 have to continue working, depend on family or charity to survive  

If you are serious about being Wealthy, Healthy and Wise then working with The Queen Makers Coaching Team makes your task much simpler. the Director and Team leader,  Bibi Apampa has over 15 years of rich experience helping people plan for a Rich Healthy and Wise lifestyle. She has worked in many countries with people of various nationalities. Bibi has also worked with a host of professional organisations. Help and guidance by a professional is always an advantage when you need to make crucial decisions that impact your life.

Bibi Apampa is a leading expert on wealth building and multiple streams of income. She has consistently helped her clients invest in the best options including saving schemes, real estate, small business ventures, network marketing, equity and bullion. Bibi also helps her clients to carefully diversify their investments and ensure that they enjoy a steady income without slogging during their more mature years. 

Bibi launched The Queen Makers Coaching  program with a view to provide a platform for ladies who desire to succeed excel and prosper while making a difference . Through this platform, you not only get to know about the latest and most useful wealth building and leadership information but can also get in touch with Bibi directly for answers to your individual queries and concerns.


The information through The Queen Makers Coaching program builds confidence, competence and effectiveness. You will never feel alone while planning for the future Bibi Apampa makes it possible for you to work hard, build streams of passive income and enjoy time with loved ones 


When you work with Bibi and her team, acquiring Wealth building and Leadership skills becomes simpler and stronger. There are options that you may not yet be aware of for a rich healthy and happy lifestyle but the The Queen Makers Coaching program brings them closer to you. we promise and actually get good results – our clients will vouch for that.


Bibi Apampa's professional background includes expertise and experience in the domains of leadership, Wealth building, Finance, Investment and Taxation. She is a recognized Consultant and Adviser on Retirement Planning as well as a regular trainer on Transformational Leadership, Wealth Creation and Financial Empowerment.She is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Institute of Taxation and a Successful Investor and Entrepreneur. She can guide you and help you choose the most appropriate ways to a healthy, rich and wise lifestyle.


Speak to Bibi or one of the team members at by calling on (+44) 08450532813  or email us using the

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  • Experience. In 15 years, Bibi has worked  in four countries with people of different nationalities in many organisations.
  • Bibi Apampa is a leading authority on wealth Building and multiple streams of Income and consistently exceed client expectations.
  • Our programs build confidence, competence and effectiveness. Guaranteed. And the results are often transformational.
  • Bibi Apampa's background  includes Finance, Investment and Taxation being a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Institute of Taxation and a Successful Investor and Entrepreneur
  • She is fresh, focused and current by investing over 40 days a year in her own personal and professional development.
  • Credibility. All who work with The Queen Makers Coaching have impressive track records with multiple streams of income created
  • Bibi Guarantees her Work.

We know you always have a choice. Despite an enviable track record we are acutely aware that we are only as good as our last performance and never content to rest on our laurels.

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