“QueenMaker Future Female Leaders” Project framework

 We have launched the "QueenMakers Future Female Leaders" project in two countries in Africa which we hope to export to other countries in Africa  to empower the "girl child" preparing them to become future leaders using a mixture of group training, personal mentoring and coaching

Project framework

#1 Dreams and Goals 

  • Helping the young lady establish specific goals and implement a plan to achieve them

  • How to help the young lady discover their natural strengths, who they are and who they need to become to accomplish what they are dreaming of

  • How to keep the young lady on track and making decisions toward their goals

  • How to prepare the young lady for what is to come, preparing them for the future

  • Creating value in the small things so that the young lady can be trusted with bigger things

  • Teaching the young lady to live by design not by default

#2 Self Image

  • Teach the young lady how to talk about themselves so that they speak life and not self destruction

  • Prevent the young lady from becoming “all caught up” in a certain style of clothes and the obsession that comes with it

  • Discover ways to help the young lady accept and be comfortable with their own body type

  • Show them how to embrace their own uniqueness

  • Groom the young lady not take offense when others criticize and pass judgment on them

  • Teach the young lady how not to feel that other people are “out to get them”

  • Prepare the young lady to deal with rejection in a way that doesn't damage their self image

#3 Work Ethic

  • Why teaching the young lady to work at a young age will create a spirit of excellence in everything they do

  • Teaching the young lady how to create a successful future for themselves

  • How to avoid the poverty mindset early on so that financial success will not be a stumbling block for them

  • Why work first, play later is a great rule to live by

  • Creating realistic guidelines that will help them grow up with confidence, knowing who they are and what they want to do with their lives

  • How to set the young lady up for a successful career

#4 People Skills

  • Foundational principles will change their outlook on life forever

  • How to prevent disrespect from creeping into the home while teaching them to show you respect

  • Learn key words that create an atmosphere of respect and honour in the household

  • Teaching the young lady how to "find the gold" in others so they can become successful leaders

  • Why treating others the way you want to be treated really is the golden rule


 #5 Discipline and Accountability

  • Instilling a moral compass that will guide the young lady through character development

  • How to draw out their natural strengths so that their confidence is not found in outside sources

  • How to keep the young lady on track with their dreams and goals and keep them making decisions that will launch them into success

 #6 Prevention

  • Keys to advanced preparation and how they make a difference in lady’s behavior

  • Ways to get the young lady to honor and respect other people's houses and property

  • Set the young lady up for success and good behavior at school

  • Have the young lady mentally prepared for sports and other group activities

#7 Money

  • Teaching the young lady responsibility at an early age so that with rising responsibility they will know how to handle their finances with greater stability

  • What being free from a poverty mindset will do for their financial future

  • How to create a value and respect for money

  • How to equip the young lady to remain debt free no matter what your financial circumstances may be!

  • Teaching to be good stewards of the money they have

  • Developing habits that will give them a financial head start and secure their financial future

#8 Nutrition

  • How to prepare your lady's bodies for a healthy future. 

  • Making wise choices with the kind of food Using supplements to make up for the lack of nutrition that is contained in the food today

  • How a healthy diet will change their performance academically, physically, and mentally making success more easily attainable!

#9 Spiritual Equipping

  • How to have an exciting, abundant lifestyle with solid morals and strong convictions

  • How to expose them to a lifestyle of humility so they can be successful in life

  • Different methods the media uses to program young lady’s to think and act the way they want them to and how to prevent this programming from taking place

  • The many different influences that could be shaping their life

  • Grooming the young lady in their God given gifting and watch them operate at their full potential

  • How to develop character in the young lady that will sustain them through life's trials


#10 Entrepreneurial Skills –

Getting business ideas, Business structure, Raising finance, Business Plan, E-Commerce, Marketing, Accounting and Cash flow with


1.    PURPOSE – Have a focus, know what you want and where you are going

2.    POWER – Express your personal power through prayer, Speech, and interactions

3.    PASSION – Invoke passion and enthusiasm in all you do

4.    PRESENCE – Project a positive influence through your appearance, dressing behavior etc

5.    PREPARATION – Get continuous training and serve all necessary apprenticeship

6.    PRACTICE – until you become perfect, Success leaves clues, find the clues and follow it

7.   PROSPERITY PLAN – Personally enjoy what you do while working towards your financial independence.


 Please join hands with us in developing and empowering the “girl child” the future female leaders 

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