The International Coordinator of The QueenMakers Network, 

Bibi Apampa (The QueenMaker) will inspire your audience to Acquire Leadership Skills, Create Wealth and Grow a money tree with multiple streams of Income at your event

Bibi Apampa 

International Speaker, 

Best Selling Author, Business 

Consultant & Wealth Strategist  

Listening to Bibi Apampa you get a Super Wealth Coach, a Business Mentor and a Marketing Queen all in one! A unique and highly powerful combination! 

 If you can dream the mountain ... 

             Bibi will help you climb it 


Bibi Apampa (The QueenMaker) is a recognized Consultant and Adviser on Financial Empowerment  as well as a regular trainer on Transformational Leadership, Wealth Creation, Rich Retirement Planningand Business Breakthrough Strategies and Techniques.  

My Passion Is To Build People and 

Organizations into High Performance Players

 Making Maximum Impact All Round

5 Reasons to book Bibi Apampa to speak at your next event...

                  Ø  She knows what she’s talking about! With over 10 year track record of building                 businesses and coaching success driven entrepreneurs across the world

                    ØHer proven, powerful, practical strategies deliver real results...

                   ØShe coaches business owners to unlock their hidden profits...

                 ØAs a Member of the Professional Speakers Association, she delivers presentations on business growth, sales, marketing, and wealth creation so you always get the message that is right for your audience...

                Ø Her presentations come with a better than 100% money back guarantee so you are risk free when you book her...

Bibi Apampa's goal is to motivateempower and equip your audience and move them to action. She give a sharp focus to fresh inspiration, tools and strategies your attendees need to catapult themselves to the next level of success so they can make Maximum Impact

Bibi Apampa’s “Turbo” charged  training days are booked six months in advance so she’s getting booked up fast …call her office now in uk tel (+44) 08450532813 or use the Contact Us  page before your date is taken!

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  • Make Maximum Impact - Rule Your World
  • Getting Paid to do what you love
  • The Exponential Power of the brand known as YOU
  • Creating Multiple streams of Income
  •  Empowering the Women who empower the nation
  • Transformational Leadership Skills
  • Starting Your own Global small business
  •  Retire Rich Strategy
  •  Financial Freedom Strategies
  • Debt Free Living
  • Prospering in the current financial crisis
  • Wealth creation for Women
  • Marketing strategies for fast growth
  • Executive Stress management
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Healthy and Fit for Life
  • Growing your own money tree
  •  Pillars of Kingdom wealth
  • Moving Through Stress Back to Productivity, Clarity, and Focus"
  • The TOTAL Woman ~ How to Create Personal, Family, and Business Success
  •  How to be a Superb Leader and Highly Successful Entrepreneur
  • Secrets Of Financial Empowerment
  • The Power to W.O.W."
  •  Earn it, Keep it, Grow it! Wise Money Management for Modern Times
  • Unleash Your Star Power!
  • Instant Income Strategies Every Businesswoman Needs to Know: How to Monetize Your Business Immediately”
  • How to Take Your Business Global ~ It’s Easier Than You Think!
  • How to Lead Your Audience Powerfully While Being the Authentic and Feminine YOU!

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Bibi Apampa’s “Turbo” charged  training days are booked six months in advance so she’s getting booked up fast …call her office now in uk tel (+44) 08450532813 or use the CONTACT US page before your date is taken

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