The QueenMakers Network has a team of qualified Business Trainers, Life and Business Coaches running independent training workshops

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1. How to Rule Your world, Make Maximum Impact and Break Barriers
2. Rich Retirement Planning
3.  Start My Own Business Training

1. How to Rule Your World, Make Maximum Impact and Break Barriers

Workshop Content

Ø  Mastering the Mind – Life assignment, Goals, Skill, wealth building Information, interpretation, identification, intention, initiative

Ø  Mastering the body – vibrancy, energy, Healthy and Fit for life

Ø  Mastering time - productivity, making time count and time management, Power of Focus,

Ø  Mastering Influence – Presence, Generational wealth, Empowering Relationships -Mentor, Mentee, Motivation, Public speaking and presentation skills,  Appreciation and reward

Ø  Mastering Wealth Creation  - Growing Money Trees, Building virtual and real estate portfolios, growing Generational Wealth. Financial freedom  and Financial mastery strategies

2. Rich Retirement Planning

 Workshop Content

Personalized training program to help you prepare for a WEALTHY, HEALTHY, and WISE Retirement incorporating the ingredients of happiness -Something to do, Something to love and Something to hope for. Empowering you with the skills and mind-set needed to manage money,  time,  health and  relationships. Equipping you with a sound mind in a sound body with deep peace of mind in your golden years.

             Two modules

Ø   Preparation for Retirement

Ø   Life After Retirement and Retirement Business Ideas

Preparation for Retirement

Ø  Personal development

Ø   Wealth Building Skills and Financial Freedom plan

Ø   Wisdom and Inner peace plan

Ø   Life management plan

Ø   Healthy and fit for life plan

Life After Retirement and Retirement Business Ideas

Retirement lifestyle options with empowering relationships in an interactive seminar session on Small Businesses that can be started from home Creating Multiple Streams Of  Income For A Wealthy, Stress Free Retirement

3.  Entrepreneurs Academy – Starting and Growing a Global Small business

      Workshop Content

Ø  Deciding on a business – Getting business ideas

Ø   The business plan

Ø   The business structure

Ø  Accounting and cash flow

Ø   Raising finance

Ø   Finding advisers, accountants, solicitors

Ø   Licenses, permits, trademarks and copyrights

Ø   E-commerce – going online

Ø   Buying a business or franchise

Ø   Marketing your business

Ø   International trade

Ø  Basic checklist to jumpstart your business

Ø   Staying Motivated when the going gets tough

Ø   BONUS The Virtual Corporation- Looking big on a small budget

This is an interactive hands on workshop Participants will receive a free CD of Resources and would go away with a plan to start their own successful business. WORKING FOR YOURSELF with MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME is the only way to achieve all your DREAMS